Graph: US Homebuyers Open Houses vs. Internet (Virtual Tours)

Why Virtual Tours?
Save Time
Be more productive with virtual tours.

Cut the balloons off the mailbox, and spend Saturday mornings with your kids.

Did you know that 81% of U.S. Homebuyers use the Internet and Virtual Tours as a resource when they are searching for a new home, and only 35% attend Open Houses? Why inconvenience yourself and your sellers? Once we've created your virtual tour, you have essentially created a round-the-clock online open house that buyers can conveniently experience from their home or office computer.

For the price of the balloons you would usually tie to the mailbox and the ad in the paper, you can spend Saturday morning at your home, not somebody else’s!

Reserve your time for the most productive appointments.
How many hours have you spent taxiing shoppers from one listing to another that you knew from the beginning wouldn’t interest them? On average, Agents who don’t use virtual tours show twice as many homes to each buyer before a purchase decision is reached. Twice as many!

While a virtual tour will never be a substitute for a personal walkthrough, it is an essential first step for helping a buyer hone in on the listings that fit their needs and taste.

With a virtual tour, a buyer can very quickly determine if they are interested in taking the next step of making an appointment to go out and visit a listing, which saves your time and theirs. Buyers who have taken a virtual tour before they arrive already have a general idea of what they are going to see, and are often more focused and prepared to do business. Buyers who don’t use virtual tours spend an average of three times longer with an Agent before making a purchase decision. Our virtual tours allow you to reserve your time for the most productive appointments, and spend more time relaxing, or cultivating new business.

Sell Listings Faster
Sell homes faster by using Tour Now virtual tours.

Every year, more U.S. Home Seekers use the Internet to search for homes. Over two-thirds of U.S. Homebuyers plan to use the Internet in their next home purchase, and that number is growing every year. Online buyers have come to value virtual tours as one of the most effective tools for conducting an online home search, and if a listing has a virtual tour, it will be viewed more frequently than one without. More eyes on your listings means more leads for you, and more leads typically result in more sales. Does this necessarily mean that your listings will sell faster if you use Virtual Tours?
You Bet!

Have more informed clients
According to the California Association of Realtors, the Average Internet Home Seeker in 2002 spent 41 days searching online before contacting an Agent, while the average Traditional Home Seeker (who didn’t use the Internet or Virtual Tours), spent only 15 days searching before contacting an Agent.

Spend one-third the time with Buyers before closing the sale
The earlier an Agent is brought into the home buying process, the more time the Agent ends up spending with that buyer before a purchase decision is reached. An average Traditional Home Seeker will spend an average of 46 days consulting with an Agent before making a purchase, while an Average Internet Home Seeker will spend only 15 days.

Show half as many homes to each buyer
The same study revealed that the average traditional home buyer visited 14 homes with their agent, while the average Internet home buyer visited only 7 homes. In the end, 72% of Internet Home Buyers found the home they ended up buying through an Agent, compared with 63% of Traditional buyers.

All of this means that by using Virtual Tours, and marketing your listings online, you will:

Sell more Listings
Differentiate yourself from other agents, and get more listings.
According to REALTOR magazine’s annual survey of buyers and sellers, sellers interested in listing their home typically look for the Real Estate professional who will do the most to bring the most buyers to the table.

Everyone (including home sellers) knows that virtual tours help sell homes. Using them for every listing is a powerful way for you to differentiate yourself from other agents in your area, and secure more listings. Telling a prospective client that you will have a virtual tour of their listing created and posted online by the end of the day is a strong incentive for them to list with you.

This philosophy carries beyond the listing appointment and makes an impression with potential sellers every time they see an advertisement for your listings. Including a virtual tour with every listing shows potential clients that you go above and beyond your competitors that only post ‘front of house’ photos on their websites and in their print advertisements, and makes them think of you when it is time to sell their home.